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Friday, March 4, 2011

Gadhafi and Kim Jong-il share a liking for women

Libyan dictator Muammar Gadhafi has a 40-strong female escort known as the Amazonian Guard.

Members of the Amazonian Guard must be virgins and unmarried. It is unknown why Gadhafi insists on their virginity. Attractive features are a standard criterion. Surely as bodyguards they are also required to display martial skills, but the entry standards in this regard are unknown.

Gadhafi has a penchant for virgins from other countries, too. He may not be able to accept them into the Amazonian Guard, but nonetheless he has spared no good will towards unmarried virgins abroad.

In fact, in November 2009 on the day before the U.N. opened the World Summit on Food Security in Rome, Gadhafi gave a speech to a selection of around 100 women.

At the time, Italian daily Corriere della Sera (Evening Courier) said, “On the eve of the UN's summit on world famine, the African leader held a sort of contest with the assistance of a public relations agency.

“The agency’s advertisement offered a fee of 60 euros to 500 smart-looking women aged 18 to 35 and at least 170 centimeters tall.

“The women thought they were going to a gala evening but what they didn’t know is that they would be getting a lecture on Islam and be told: ‘Did you know they crucified a man who looked like Jesus instead of him?’” reported the Corriere.

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Meet The Amazonian Guard -- Moammar Gaddafi's All-Female, Virgin, Hand-Picked Security Force

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