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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New law soon to tackle knife and small arms crime: Dubai Police chief

Dubai: People carrying knives, swords, daggers or any other weapon on their person or in their vehicles at "suspicious times and places" will face prosecution, once a proposed law to control the use of sharp weapons is passed, said Dubai Police chief.

Lieutenant General Dahi Khalfan Tamim said people with criminal records will particularly be prosecuted for carrying knives, swords or daggers.

"I believe they [who carry such weapons] should be convicted, because there is absolutely no need for normal people to carry weapons with them while they are out and about," he said.

A number of recent incidents of youths using sharp objects, including knives and swords, in fights has prompted the authorities to work on the new law to control the use of such objects.

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The police chief made his remarks after a graduation ceremony of 26 officers from the third Criminal Investigation Department's Detective Programme, attended by Major General Khamis Al Mazeina, Deputy Dubai Police Chief, and police department heads.

Aiming for efficiency

The programme aims to create a generation of efficient officers in criminal investigation, "because security is achieved only with a strong and capable crime-combating body," Lt. Gen. Dahi said.

He asked all graduating officers to identify the negatives and positives they encountered during their training and to submit their remarks to help develop the programme and update it.

"This programme is the first of its kind in criminal investigation developed indigenously in the UAE. Earlier, we used to rely on programmes we received from other countries, but now we are using the intellectual capital of our own Dubai Police officers," he said.

Patriotic education is also being introduced to the curriculum because, according to Lt. Gen. Dahi, he could not find any subject in the national curriculum that ignites a sense of loyalty for the nation.

"The criminal investigation curriculum should not be static because this science is developing along with criminals' methods. It should not be theoretical but include field training and prove its effectiveness in the field and with statistics," he said.

"Our aim is to be leaders in combating all crimes, from murder to rape and theft. We don't lack knowledge, capabilities or expertise."

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