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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Navy tests its new class of Future Weapons : Railgun

By Bob Arnold
Within the set premises at the Naval Surface Warfare Center in Dahlgren, Va., Friday, a majestic pulse of electricity gave way to a 20-pound strike of aluminum which came out of the barrel of an experimental gun - which was at some time projected as a major weapon in the StarWars -at a speed seven times that of sound ; which the Navy calls its electromagnetic railgun – the futuristic cum revolutionary weapon that one day is destined to change the course of Naval warfare.

Out of the two tests conducted Friday, the first produced – what set a world record- 33 meagajoules of force coming out of the barrel while the second as viewed by reporters, generated 32 megajoules.Such strengths as per Roger Ellis, the railgun program manager, people get to "see in video games, but this is real. This is what is very historical."

The gun which itself “ is not a gun. It's a launcher” as expressed by Rear Admiral Nevin P. Carr Jr., chief of Naval Research, comprises of two rails, along which the electricity rush runs. They have been bolted inside of a long four-sided box with length similar to that of a tractor trailer.

As Carr said, the new “juicy technology” is "more than just a better way to push a bullet out the barrel," using electricity which powers the aggressive round with an intention to change the way Navy has been firing naval guns with the help of explosive propellants like gunpowder since long.

Indeed, the expertise fully represent the Navy’s railgun project's Latin motto which is "velocitas eradico," interpreted as "speed destroys."

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Navy's Record-Breaking Railgun Shot

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