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Monday, January 10, 2011


Russian Helicopters is pursuing modernisation of constituent companies by introducing prospective industry technology to the manufacturing process. As part of this move Arsenyev Aviation Company Progress named after N.I. Sazykin will see full-scale technical overhaul in 2009—2015. The company manufactures the famous Ka-50 Black Shark and Ka-52 Alligator attack helicopters and the Ka-60/62. The new light Mi-34C2 Peregrine is about to enter production.

The total amount of investments is estimated at 6 billion roubles (around 200 million USD), both from state funds and own assets of the company.

Groundbreaking technology will be introduced pursuant to the Federal Programme titled “The development of the defense industrial complex of the Russian Federation in the years 2011—2020.”

The first stage of the modernisation programme will see an overhaul of foundry operations at Progress. Reconstruction and re-equipment of the composite and mechanical engineering sections will come as the second stage alongside an introduction of modern digital and information technologies and an enhanced energy efficiency programme.

Restructuring of mechanical engineering operations envisions a change for high-performance numeric control machinery that will boost efficiency and reduce required workshop space and number of personnel. An example of the economic impact can be seen in the introduction of the TruLaser 3530 laser cutting machine in September 2008 that led to a saving of 14.7 million roubles (around 500,000 USD) over 12 months with an eightfold drop of labour intensity.

The total economic impact of introducing new production machinery for mechanical engineering is expected to be as high as 160 million roubles (5.3 million USD). As modernisation continues this is expected to rise. Savings through installing cold solidifying mixture lines and low-pressure casting machines will amount to 40 million roubles (1.3 million USD).

General work was completed in 2009 to establish a foundry production competence centre. It is scheduled to open in 2010. The same year will see work start on a machine-working competence centre and full-scale introduction of digital technologies at Progress. The programme is scheduled for completion in 2015.

“We consider modernisation of Russian Helicopters constituent companies, including Arsenyev Aviation Company Progress, a necessary step to raise the production capabilities of Russian helicopter industry enterprises to the world’s best standards. In the highly competitive situation we are in today on the global rotorcraft market this can only be achieved through renewal of equipment, up to 70% of which is worn out at some plants, and the introduction of innovative efficient technology,” states Russian Helicopters COO Andrei Shibitov.

According to Progress Managing Director Yuri Denisenko,it is expected that “in 2009 the company will show a growth of all financial indicators. We anticipate a sales growth through our aviation production operations in 2010.”

The profits of Progress are expected to increase sevenfold in 2009 and amount to about 140 million roubles (4.7 million USD). Forecast revenue in 2009 is 7.3 billion roubles (245 million USD), double that of last year.

Arsenyev Aviation Company Progress named after N. I. Sazykin, JSC builds the attack Ka-50 Black Shark and Ka-52 Alligator helicopters, as well as supersonic cruise missiles of the Moskit system and their export variants. Also manufactures the light trainer airplane Yak-54. Ground is laid for the production of the new light helicopter Mi-34C2 Peregrine. Repairs all modifications of the Mi-24.

Russian Helicopters, JSC is an affiliated company of UIC Oboronprom. It is the managing body of the following helicopter industry enterprises: Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant, Kamov, Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant, Kazan Helicopters, Rostvertol, Progress Arsenyev Aviation Company, Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise, Vpered Moscow Machine-Building Plant, Stupino Machine Production Plant, Reductor-PM , Helicopter Service Company (VSK), Novosibirsk Aircraft Repairing Plant and Ural Works of Civil Aviation.

UIC Oboronprom, JSC is a multi-profile industrial and investment group established in 2002. Its main tasks include helicopter engineering (Russian Helicopters managing company), engine-building (United Engine Industry Corporation managing company), air defense systems and complex electronic systems (Defense Systems holding company), and other machine-building activities. The companies of the group reported revenues of over 100 billion roubles in 2008.

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Ka-50 Black Shark

Kamov Helicopters - Ka-52 Alligator Attack Helicopter

Elicotteri Kamov Ka - 52 Alligator

KA-60 kasatka

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