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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

India unveiled its first domestically produced aircraft, R & D costs are very high

The Indian media, says that while the R & D “brilliant”, the parties position as the fourth-generation fighter, but the operation, only three generations can be counted as half or three generations of warriors.

According to British media reported on January 27, 2011 the lifting of U.S. sanctions against the military research sector in India, only a few hours later to India to open its first fighter aircraft manufactured in China, highlights the ability of growth Defence Technology.

Major components of aircraft imported

26 shows in its defense of the “ceremony of India’s Republic Day parade this beer for 30 years, with the light aircraft first public appearance. Costs” Brilliant “fighter R & D climbing, people in the country has been criticized Indian Air Force but should be used next year, this fighter.

Two weeks ago, Defense Secretary Robert Gates during his visit to the U.S., China test home-made stealth fighter.

India sees China as a rising power in Asia and the Pacific military rival. aircraft “Brilliant” by the Indian government to the defense of Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) in Bangalore Center. The use of GE aircraft engines. The position of the Indian military-industrial complex as part of a project are the Indian Air Force would be equipped with 140 “brilliant” warriors.

Just before the parade, the United States canceled DRDO and the Indian Space Research Organisation to carry out the export ban. India will be able to import high-tech equipment the U.S. military to overcome the advantage of China cheapest cartier watch.

India is modernizing the Air Force

India is the world’s fastest growing buyer of arms. The budget of the country, last year the national defense, about $ 300 billion, a series of military equipment will be purchased to fill the gap with neighboring China. border disputes between China and India, and China’s growing naval power, is so concerned with India.

India also suspected that his main rival, Pakistan, China has provided military support to the latter, in particular a jet fighter and the unmanned vehicle technology. In 1998, appalled by the Indian nuclear tests worldwide. After the U.S. imposed sanctions India. A few days after Pakistan conducted its nuclear tests, in order to increase the hostility between the two nuclear components. India open “brilliant” fighters at the time, the country is to achieve modernization of the Air Force. India plans to buy 126 multi-role combat aircraft, worth about $ 110 billion. Contract include MiG -35 competitors, Boeing’s Super Hornet, “French” Rafale “Lockheed Martin F-16, Saab Gripen and the” Eurofighter Typhoon ”

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