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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Russia can not control China

American Limestone Foundation China Brief published an article recently said that Moscow and Beijing late last year announced a major new arms sales package for the beginning of this year, Russia, the Russian defense export company claimed that China is Russia's major Asian partners, indicating that Russia has overcome concerns about China's military development. However, the article pointed out that Russia can not control China, and Russia needs cooperation with China more than China needs Russia's cooperation. This relationship of subversion that China enhance its ability to cooperate with Russia has led to, but this cooperation Russia disadvantage.
recent years, Sino-Russian relations improved between the arms. November 2010, Moscow and Beijing announced a major new arms sales package that relations turned a new page. Most of the tension between China and Russia on Russian weapons technology from China to reverse engineer, were localized to the third party market for the sale, in competition with Moscow. In the talks, China demanded Russia to sell defensive weapons platforms or other aspects of advanced technology, weapons and parts thereof, Russia has been reluctant to sell their technology. Russia is also worried that China may eventually use these advanced technologies and systems to deal with the Friends of the Russian or Asian countries. For example, in 2006, Russia had refused to sell some of the sensitive space technology in China. However, resumption of arms sales still show that the DPRK-Russian relations is conducive to China for the area. January 23-25, the fifth round of dialogue between China and Russia were Russian Russian defense export company (Rosoboroneksport) announced that China as Russia's major Asian partners. This shift in Sino-Russian relations may indicate the highest level between the two governments have been overcome Russian concerns about China's military development.

Russia worried about China in Asia, Africa and Latin America, the competition on the arms market, but in essence the Chinese J-11B and J-15 fighter is the "cloned" from the Russian Su-27 and Su-33 . Coupled with China's own domestic capabilities, these factors have contributed to a sharp decline in China's military procurement, mainly air and sea weapons. Moreover, regardless of whether the enhancement of domestic capacity in China, Russia, China no doubt will be copied to the dissatisfaction of its weapons systems, but China will not stop this practice. Therefore, both slow down the arms procurement and sales. It is reported that, in fact, not to Russia, China 2009-2010 issued orders, according to foreign personnel to observe, China Zhuhai Air Show in November carried out the largest export exhibition aircraft, the aircraft is mainly built using Russian technology, according to China speculate engine.
Chinese Ambassador to Russia Li attributed the decline in purchasing their own capacity growth, saying the practice is moving towards a higher stage of bilateral cooperation, Russia is still to perform the last contract to sell China the air, air and sea weapons. This also shows that refuse to open discussion, Ambassador Li accused of piracy of intellectual property issues. In fact, Russia did earlier sold to the Chinese S-300 air defense systems. Russia's Sukhoi and other manufacturers have publicly said they want to clone the system proposed by China and other acute problems. Similarly, experts also admitted that Russia and France worry that ship-to-ship missiles in China could lead them to lower prices in third markets. Russia and China are competing for the fifth-generation fighters as soon as possible.

after the development from the point of view, it seems that Russia has other ideas to promote the resumption of arms sales and technology transfers to China - but the frequency decreased. First, from the media record, China's demand is changing. Although China still needs to purchase aerial platform and is, but now also want China to maintain its own engine and technology cluster. Clearly Russia wants to sell China a monopoly that the engine and, believing it to be able to continue selling to the Chinese and Russian air platform to maintain the advantage in the Chinese market. Second, the Russian arms dealers found that they only way to discuss the unauthorized copying, the actual is through formal meetings (such as the Intergovernmental Committee meeting) to maintain relations with China. So, if they wish to influence China's actions can not simply suspend or terminate the arms sales.
Third, the Russian government and the Ministry of Defence has announced ambitious plans for the next decade to promote arms sales around the world, while promoting Russia's defense reform. It is reported that Moscow only in 2010 sold a record 10 billion U.S. dollars worth of weapons. Meanwhile, Russian analysts are concerned that arms sales may actually decrease because of the Russian arms sales to China to reduce short-term to compensate for the market - Algeria, Vietnam, Syria and Venezuela - could not offset the Chinese market from the long-term reduction. So although the consumer in the Russian defense system which, China's position may be lower, but Beijing wants to use certain technologies in Russia, the main aspects of the air system and engine. Fourth, even if the policy of the Russian military threat because of China's changes (such as a major Russian Pacific Fleet, Fleet), Moscow also needs to pay attention to China's military policy, and the best way is to maintain the sales contract.
For its part, China has in Southeast Asia, arms sales, currency and North Korea six-party talks open competition with the United States. Beijing saw the policy of the United States and Russia to restart the process, seem to want to improve relations with Moscow and to resolve outstanding issues, including piracy and arms shortage. China is also clear that some departments felt the need to continue procurement of foreign systems, for domestic products to create the appropriate domestic infrastructure. In the recent November 2010 meeting of the Intergovernmental Committee, the two sides signed the resumption of sale of parts, aircraft engines, sea and air defense weapon system and product design agreements, which are all both China. The two sides also set up a working group to oversee 2008 agreement the two sides after the development of intellectual property piracy. According to the Russian Federation, director of military-technical cooperation services Hayi Er? Demi ladder husband also said the agreement "provides a panoramic view of the process of performing the contract, to prevent the illegal possession of our intellectual property." However, he said, China has never transferred to third countries, these intellectual property rights.
It is reported that China intends to buy at least 100 117-S aircraft engines, at least 100 RD-93 engines, you can use the existing Al-31F and the Al-31FN engine aircraft including SU-27, SU- 30 and J-10. Russia has provided its new military transport aircraft Il--476, MI-171E helicopter, SU-35 fighters and Irbis-e radar stations. Meanwhile, the Russian arms dealers and the Russian defense exports the specified company to work with China to Chinese companies licensed production of Russian weapons agreement, protection of intellectual property rights in Russia. In other words, although some concern, but Moscow still once again agreed to sell some of the advanced systems to China. However, after the establishment of these mechanisms can effectively prevent the replication of China after the Russian system and the localized effects of sales remains to be seen. In any case, Beijing has response options. For example, China is the export engine of the tank with Ukraine, Ukraine will participate in China's modernization of Y-5 aircraft, after which there will be other activities.
These trends suggest that, to some extent, China is still dependent on Russia for advanced weapons and defense technology, primarily aircraft engines. Russian analysts say this is not too concerned that the Chinese fifth-generation stealth fighter J-20 for a reason. They believe that even if China started selling such aircraft, competition with Russia, China's aircraft technology will also be in a very long time behind Russia and the United States. Here also should be noted that the Pentagon is also suspected of J-20 advanced technology degrees. Meanwhile, China should also ensure that the relationship between Russia and Washington, can not be compared closer relations with Beijing. On the other hand, Moscow wants to ensure China-US relations will not harm Russia's interests, more importantly, Moscow can not control how China will deal with the system. Despite the success of Moscow in the global market to some of the smaller countries (such as Algeria and Vietnam) to sell the weapons, but still needs a lot of selling to the Chinese. Moreover, while Russia is increasingly worried about China's economic and military strength, but still want to maintain friendly neighbors with this boundary.
continued decline in the rise of China and Russia still exist between the bilateral military issues and geopolitical tensions. The two sides seem to have reached mutual adaptation. However, the recent view of its agreement can be found, in fact, can not control China, Russia, and Russia needs China's cooperation is greater than the need for cooperation of Russia in China. This relationship of subversion that China enhance its ability to cooperate with Russia has led to, but this cooperation Russia disadvantage. If Russia insists break free of the influence of Chinese power, then lead to further tension. Although the two sides could reach an agreement, but may not last long, more importantly, could not have a problem. (Compiled: Spring)

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