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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

EADS signs research agreement with Russian innovation centre

The European aerospace group EADS has agreed to collaborate with a new aerospace research centre, which is due to be built near Moscow.

EADS is extending its research footprint in Russia, with Jean Botti, Chief Technical Officer of EADS, and Viktor Vekselberg, Executive President of the Skolkovo Foundation, signing an agreement last week, under which EADS will participate in the Skolkovo Innovation Centre, a high technology business hub to be built in the Moscow region.

EADS plans to set up a centre to conduct research in aerospace technology, including telecommunications and navigation; efficient energy technologies and information technology.

The centre will also collaborate with the Skolkovo Institute of Technology and other Russian scientific institutions, to identify technologies and competences of mutual interest.

Botti said establishing relationships with groups like Skolkovo, “Is part of EADS’ long-term strategy to build a global integrated research capability to meet the demanding needs of our customers.”

The Russian United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) will play a leading role in the project and Vekselberg said the partnership with EADS, “Allows us to [take] a strategic outlook on the space technology cluster which is to be set up at Skolkovo.”

In addition, EADS intends to investigate possible participation in programmes to support the development of Russian start-up companies in relevant areas. The company will also support development of educational programmes and provide advisory services to the Skolkovo Foundation in respect to establishing internal regulations, corporate solutions and governance, technical support, security and IP rights.

The EADS research centre will be a branch of its Russian Technology Office (RTO), set up in 2003 as to facilitate cooperation with the Russian R&D community. Since its opening, the RTO has managed more than 100 cooperative research and technology programmes between EADS and Russian institutions, with a focus on advanced engineering tools.

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