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Thursday, June 24, 2010

EADS Defense & Security aims strong footing in defence, security

Stefan Zoller, chief executive officer, EADS-DS, said at the ILA Berlin Air Show last week that the firm would like to replicate its European business model, for manufacturing fighter jets and weapon systems, in other parts of world, including India.

The consortium of Alenia Aeronautica, BAE Systems, EADS CASA and EADS German came together to produce the Eurofighter for German, France, Spain and UK markets and also cater to the demand outside their countries ten years ago.

Zoller said EADS is now contemplating putting a similar model in place in India, where it would develop the centre of competence to source supplies to meet not only Indian demand, but also global.
“Now that we have managed to integrate (EADS) business with several nations in Europe profitably, we feel we can also look beyond European boundaries,” he said. “Our intention is now to become a very strong Indian defence and security company.”

He said this strategic decision of the EADS was independent of the Eurofighter campaign, where it is trying to convince the Indian government to procure its war plane.

Zoller urged the government to raise the current FDI ceiling to at least 50%. “We have always been asking for 50% participation to make business sense. We are not asking for 100%. We are asking for 50%, as that way we get an access to huge markets that will compensate for the loss of 50% on the other side. This would make it worthwhile to establish facility (in India)” said the EADS chief.

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