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Friday, June 25, 2010

EADS Unveils Militarized EC645 Helicopter

PARIS — EADS has formally unveiled the EC645 helicopter, the military derivative of the EC145 it will market globally and in parallel with the AAS-72X the company plans to bid for the U.S. Army Armed Aerial Scout program.
The EC645 is aimed at sales to non-U.S. customers. To that end, it will have a non-U.S. weapons suite, unlike the AAS-72X, company officials say. The EC645 was unveiled on June 14 at the Eurosatory exhibition in Paris.
The EC645 is powered by two 738-shp. Turbomeca Arriel 1E2 engines — the same turboshaft used on the UH-72A Light Utility Helicopter — and will have the capability to carry laser-guided missiles, 12- or 7-tube rocket launchers, or 20mm or 12.7mm gun pods. The helo would also feature a forward-looking infrared sensor, ballistic protection, missile warning equipment and chaff/flare countermeasures dispensers.

For the Armed Aerial Scout (AAS) program in the U.S., the AAS-72X would likely require a more powerful engine. Eurocopter officials have indicated they have a solution to bridge the perceived thrust gap, but have been quiet about what changes will be made. Meanwhile, the company is moving forward with plans to build three technical demonstrators, the first of which will fly later this year, to prove to the U.S. customer that it can meet the AAS requirements.
Credit: Eurocopter

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